CatioVital  “Dual Ionisation” Treatment CatioVital  “Dual Ionisation” Treatment

Personalised Deep Cleansing Skincare Treatment

An exclusive Skincare Method adapted to each client’s beauty goal to enhance the skin.

Available in 7 versions, based on the client’s beauty goals: 
- Moisturisation.
- Anti-wrinkle.
- Anti-age.
- Nutrition.
- Purity.
- Brightening.
- Soothing.
- Before and after-sun exposure.

Skin has never been so beautiful. The face is well-rested and glows with newly found
- Moisturising +54,8%  increase in moisture levels
- Nourishing +73,7% increase in lipid levels
- Vitality / Youth -52,5% decrease in wrinkle depth
- Purity -87,7% decrease in sebum levels
- Lightening brown spots Powerful depigmentation action (89% decrease)

Deep cleansing
The “sauna effect” of the thermal mask deeply cleanses skin. It allows the skin to breathe again, preparing it for the subsequently applied products.

Dual Ionisation
Increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients, improving their penetration into the skin.

Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils
Under the Beauty Therapist’s expert fingers, the client enjoys a fully relaxing experience. Facial features appear rested and the face looks fully relaxed.

Intensive Treatment: 1 Treatment per week for 3 weeks.
Skincare maintenance: 1 Treatment per month.

- Pacemaker.
- Eczema.
- Metal implants.
- Open wounds.
- Bruises.

Bőrtípus :

Minden típus, Normál bőr, Dehidratált bőr, Zsíros bőr, Devitalizált bőr, Fakó bőr, Fáradt bőr, Érzékeny bőr

Időtartam :

50 - 60 minutes

A kezelés típusa :

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