Massage and Slimming Elastomasque Massage and Slimming Elastomasque

SpA Aromatique® Body Care Slimming Treatment

A treatment method that combines the Beauty Therapist’s expert techniques with the powerful skincare properties of Slimming Essential Oils.

A thinner body and more youthful-looking figure, thanks to the energetic slimming action of the essential oils.

Exfoliating Lotion with Papaya Extract
It eliminates dead skin cells, allowing for the optimal penetration of the active draining ingredients.

"Anti-Cellulite" Massage with Essential Oils
The fully manual massage visibly reduces the skin’s dimpled appearance, thanks to the application of Slimming Essence Oils and the Beauty Therapist’s expert techniques.

Slimming Elastomask
A genuine anti-water retention and anti-cellulite treatment, this slimming wrap with Pineapple and Caffeine extracts diminishes stubborn cellulite and effectively drains skin tissue.

Bőrtípus :

Minden típus, Normál bőr

Időtartam :

60 minutes

A kezelés típusa :

Szalon test kezelés


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